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A defendable, water-powered mill – a Jamaican sugar planter’s response to the threat posed by French privateers, circa 1760 20 June 2018, Cowcross Street, London

Robert Barker, M.Phil (RCA), will talk about a fortified sugar mill - probably a unique building in Jamaica and the Caribbean - that was built in about 1760, and the history behind its construction.

Robert will show the original published plans and elevation, and then reveal 3D drawings generated using current Rhino software. The workings of the mill will be explained, along with the usage of each of its rooms. The threat to Jamaican planters during the Seven Years War (leading to the requirement for a defendable structure) will be discussed, along with the probable background of its architects. Lastly, he will suggest why this type of structure would have fallen out of fashion after 1760.

A Jamaican, Robert is enthusiastic about its history and material culture, especially during the middle quarter of the eighteenth century. He has assisted and guided many research degree students and authors. 

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