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The FGSJ raises funds to help restore historic buildings around the island. It works with partner organisations in Jamaica which have the expertise and manpower to undertake the restoration work. There are many more structures in great need of preservation and restoration.

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Morant Bay Court House, St. Thomas, second half of 18th c and the site of the tragic end to the Morant Bay Rebellion in 1865

The Morant Bay Courthouse

The scene of the Morant Bay Rebellion of 1865, the Courthouse is one of the most important buildings in the island’s history.


Other buildings in need of restoration

The Orange Bay Railway Station

Orange Bay Railway Station

The once-flourishing Jamaican railway system was built during the British colonial era, and predates its more famous Indian counterpart.


Why does the FGSJ need to help restore these buildings?

There is a wealth of important historic buildings on the island in need of restoration to save them from disappearing, as so many disappear every year as a result of extreme weather and unchecked degradation.

While there is recognition at government level and in several heritage and conservation organisations of the need to preserve and restore such buildings, the state of the island’s economy is such that local sources of funding are in short supply.

It is therefore all the more important that we contribute what we can to restoration, both to help preserve these wonderful buildings and also to support the organisations on the island which are struggling to carry out this important work.

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“Those who see the beauty and understand the importance (not least for today's Jamaicans) of Jamaica's historic buildings have reason to be grateful for the FGSJ's commitment to ensure their preservation.”

Laura Facey,
Artist, FGSJ Vice President.

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