About the Friends of the Georgian Society of Jamaica

The Georgian Society of Jamaica (GSJ) was established in Jamaica in 1967 out of concern at the destruction and neglect of Georgian-era buildings, both large and small, in all parts of the island. The Friends of the Georgian Society of Jamaica (FGSJ) was established in the UK in 1993 with the aim of supporting the work of the GSJ.

Since then, working as a separate but parallel organisation with charitable status, we have provided funds to help the conservation and restoration of a number of Georgian buildings, most notably the post office in Falmouth and the Iron Bridge near Spanish Town.

Our principal aims

  1. To preserve, restore and maintain Jamaica’s historic buildings, with special emphasis on the period 1720-1850, known in Jamaica as the Georgian Period. The FGSJ has encouraged and supported financially the restoration of a number of structures throughout the island, and continues to do so.
  2. To stimulate interest in and promote an appreciation of the value of Jamaica’s heritage. We hold several talks a year on topics such as Georgian Jamaican architecture, Falmouth, the houses of planter John Tharp and genealogy. We also publish newsletters and organise heritage tours to Jamaica.
    Who we are

Many of our members were born, grew up and/or lived and worked on the island, or have family connections, recent or ancient, with Jamaica. Others have simply developed an interest in the island’s culture and architecture. We all share a desire to protect its heritage for future generations and to help ensure that these historic buildings serve today’s Jamaicans.

The current directors are:

Peregrine Bryant, Chairman

Alexandra Valmarana, Secretary

Alison Dawson, Treasurer

Clive Dawson

Rosemary Dodd

The following hold honorary positions in the FGSJ:

H.E. Alexander Williams, High Commissioner of Jamaica, Patron

Laura Facey, Vice President

What do we do?

The FGSJ is based in the UK, and does not itself undertake restoration projects, but through our links with heritage organisations in Jamaica, our members’ knowledge of the island and our explorations during tours, we come to hear of fine historic structures in need of conservation and restoration.

We may give grants to local bodies which are carrying out restoration projects. We also work with partner organisations in Jamaica, such as Falmouth Heritage Renewal who have the expertise and manpower to undertake and supervise restoration work themselves. We also lobby in support of the preservation and restoration of important structures.

How we raise funds

Our funds come from membership subscriptions, donations from members and others, and from fundraising events.

How the FGSJ is run

The Friends of the Georgian Society of Jamaica is a charity registered in the UK, no. 1074915. It is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, no. 3447992. The trustees constitute the board of directors and are assisted by an Activities Committee which plans and organises the events, investigates funding projects and makes recommendations to the board. Its registered office is 21 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2DY. Postal communications may be sent to Friends of the Georgian Society of Jamaica, c/o Peregrine Bryant Architects, The Courtyard, Fulham Palace, Bishops Avenue, London, SW6 6EA.

All trustees and AC members are volunteers and may not receive payment for any services to the FGSJ. We keep our administrative expenses to a minimum, and seek to ensure that they are covered by subscription revenue. All remaining funds are used to carry out the objectives of the Friends.

FGSJ Articles of Association

FGSJ AGM Report 2021

FGSJ Signed accounts 2019-2020