Spanish Town High School – the Old Military Barracks
Old Military Barracks
(Brent Fortenberry)

Originally established in 1967, Spanish Town High School is located on Elli...

St Peter’s Church, Port Royal
St Peter’s Church (Brent Fortenberry)

The original Church was destroyed by the great earthquake of 1692 in Port Ro...

Fort Charles, Port Royal – Nelson’s Quarterdeck
Peregrine Bryant, FGSJ Chairman, inspects Nelson’s Quarterdeck, Fort Charles (Andrew Smith)

Nelson’s Quarterdeck is th...

Fort Rocky, Palisadoes
Fort Rocky, Palisadoes (Andrew Smith)

Fort Rocky, only too easily confused with Rockfort a few miles away, was built on a...

Fort Stewart, St Mary
Dr Ivor Conolley and the FGSJ team, Fort Stewart (Rosie Dodd)

The FGSJ team examined the remains of Fort Stewart, a small ...

Fort Augusta, St Catherine
Fort Augusta (Andrew Smith)

An astonishing and largely intact defensive structure, it is easy to miss Fort Augusta as it ...

Scots Kirk, Duke Street, Kingston
Scots Kirk (Brent Fortenberry)

The Scots Kirk is a splendid octagonal church of 1819 (rebuilt after the 1907 earthquake) ...


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The Friends of the Georgian Society of Jamaica support the conservation and restoration of Jamaica’s fine historic buildings because these charming structures, of special character and international significance, are part of the island’s rich cultural heritage, part of what makes the Jamaican landscape so beautiful, and, importantly, an invaluable asset for today’s Jamaicans.



Exploring Jamaica’s Downtown Architecture – a film by Kayon Vaz