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FGSJ members receive newsletters containing articles about Georgian Jamaican architecture, current projects and other topics of interest, invitations to all our talks and social events, and the chance to join tours of Jamaica when we organise these from time to time.

Our regular talks offer a chance to learn about and discuss Georgian Jamaica and other subjects of interest to those with links to the island. The talks and our social events provide an opportunity to meet people with a connection to or interest in the island, and to help raise funds to allow the FGSJ to fund restoration projects.

What membership means to us

Subscriptions cover our running costs, and help us to make a meaningful contribution to conservation projects in Jamaica. There is a wealth of important historic buildings on the island in much need of restoration to save them from disappearing, as so many disappear every year as a result of extreme weather and unchecked degradation. It is therefore all the more important that we contribute what we can to restoration, both to help preserve these wonderful buildings and also to support the few organisations on the island which are struggling to carry out this important work.

The FGSJ is a charity, and no member receives payment for his or her services to the organisation. Find out more about how we are run.


To join: download, print and complete the membership form and the subscription form and return them to: Stephen D Porter, FGSJ Membership Secretary.

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“Falmouth Heritage Renewal is grateful to the FGSJ for lending its support in technical advice and the much needed grant funds over the years.  We look forward to a long relationship with all our partners.”

Blaise Hart,
Falmouth Heritage Renewal,

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