The Windrush Scandal: Exploring a Shocking History

What is the deeper history behind last year’s Windrush scandal? Where did it come from? Is there a more shocking history than the one we know? Join acclaimed author & historian David Olusoga for a deeper look into the forces that led the Empire Windrush to the UK and the ideology that led successive British governments to conspire to find ways of halting non-white immigration to Britain.

The story of Windrush has become a feel-good part of modern British history. It’s a story we celebrate; the arrival in the Mother Country of loyal British subjects, many of whom had served the nation during war. We know that black migrants to Britain faced appalling discrimination, but we also want to believe that in the end it all worked out and we became the inclusive, diverse nation that we like to believe we are.

An overly rosy version of the Windrush story risks standing in the way of us taking a real hard look at the politics of race and migration in post-war Britain. Because behind the myth is a shocking history; a scandal that implicates both Labour and Conservative governments and reveals the roots of the Windrush Scandal of 2018.

Venue: International Students House, Marylebone

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Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

Anne M Powers